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Arizer has done it again, this time with the Solo II. Using a powerful dual ceramic stainless heating unit and 50% more run time than the original Solo, Arizer has increased the airflow and given users 3 full hours of use on a full charge, and can also be used while charging in case the situation arises. A digital display with full onboard controls allows for precise temperature control and the ability to adjust in both single or ten-degree increments. Worry is taken away with the personally adjustable auto shut off timer varying from 5-15 mins as well as a power-on setting which protects the unit from accidental power on. The Solo II comes with a 2 yr warranty on the workmanship and defects, a 1-year warranty on battery (best offer in the industry) and a lifetime warranty on the heating element. With a slimmer more ergonomic profile we agree the Solo II is a great choice for dry herbal vaporizing.

What’s Included


1 x Solo II Portable Micro-Heater

1 x Solo II Charger / Power Adapter

1 x Solo II Glass Aroma Tube (90mm)

1 x Solo II Glass Aroma Tube (110mm)

1 x Solo II Glass Aroma Dish

1 x Solo II Belt-Clip Carry Case

2 x Solo II Silicone Stem Caps

4 x Solo II Stainless Steel Filter Screens

1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool

1 x Sample Aromatic Botanicals

1 x Solo II Owner’s Manual

Customer Reviews

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Power House

It's a larger unit but, it packs a punch. To break it down.
The vape quality is a thick cloud as flavourful as your weed is. You can really taste the hints and notes in the terpenes.
The battery life is the best for any vape I've had. It can be used for many sessions.
The tubes are really the only thing you need to consistently maintain. They are super easy to clean with just a little oc.
Best of all everything you have left over is decarbed and ready to be used in your food.
I love the digital display for accurate temperature. No need to guess and potentially burn to high. I keep my sessions in runs of 275-350°F